Why Come?

An open letter

To all those who ask

why I should come

365 shades of grey

Why should I bother?

Good question…

In a world of Google and quick answers to life’s questions. Why on earth should you take a year out, get moved out of your comfort zone, be stretched, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

The answer must be found in you, stick with the status quo or buy a ticket to the greatest adventure under heaven.

At ADT we don’t promise to know or have the answer to the mystery of life, but one thing we can promise is to connect you to heaven in a way that you may never have thought was even possible before. Encounters with the Father that are so real you will feel the very breath of God on your face.

Talk is cheap!

Yes, it is so we don’t only teach but also demonstrate:

  • Intimacy with the Father
  • Hearing the voice of God
  • How to work in partnership with the Holy Spirit
  • How to draw God in any environment
  • How to create atmospheres for the supernatural
  • Creating environments that cause everyone to rise

Sounds exciting; well it’s all part of the adventure, but will you choose to be part of it?

It would be so easy just to set up a school that teaches and demonstrates spiritual gifts. If that is what you are looking for then there are plenty of them out there. The issues for our generation is not gifts but character – gifts may well open a door for you but only character will keep you.

Paul wrote
My little children, for whom I am again in [the pains of] labor until Christ is [completely and permanently] formed within you
Galatians 4:19

ADT is set up with one aim, to form the Christ into every life, irrespective of age, gender, background or academic ability. If the Christ is formed in your life the rest of life will follow. We wholeheartedly believe in preparing you for life both inside and outside the local church.

So why me? – Why not you?

Blend into a world of grey – settle down, buy a house, choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing Sprit-crushing game shows and call it success…

…or take the step and open the door and choose life

Will it be?

Uncomfortable  –  Yes
Stretching  –  Yes
Demanding  –  Yes
Will you always like the process  –  No

As a man once said “No process no progress”

You were never created to blend in and follow the herd, you are not a number. Step out of the monochrome world of grey into the vibrancy of heavens abundance.


So decide:
Another 365 days of grey or 365 days that can last a lifetime.


See you in September

The ADT Team