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We are enrolling now for September 2020 for our 12-month Authentic Discipleship Training.
The opportunity for a life transformation.

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  • Since arriving at the Dream Centre, our lives have been greatly transformed. Through the teachings, training, personal development and empowerment, various aspects of our lives and family have significantly been impacted.

    We have seen our marriage transformed into a peaceful, understanding and loving relationship. This has been greatly due to the teachings, marriage seminars and advice given from the eldership which we have put into practice. We have also received teaching on how to build a strong understanding of finance from a godly perspective, something again we have felt the benefit of.

    We have seen our children grow and develop over the years through crèche, kid’s church, emerging voices, and youth, as they have been taught and trained in the things of God. A strong emphasis of the Dream Centre is that of legacy transfer, as they believe in an emerging generation; one that will succeed. Our children have felt so blessed by being part of that generation.

    Through the training opportunities made available to us, we continuously feel we are being upgraded and updated in present truth. We feel challenged, empowered and affirmed to rise up, reaching our full potential in God.

    Raphael & Irene
    Dream Centre Partners

    Raphael & Irene
    Raphael & Irene
    Dream Centre Partners
  • The day I started to attend the Dream Centre, it was an answer to prayer. I remember the feeling that I felt when I first arrived and how it made me feel inwardly. It was absolutely fantastic. I quickly discovered the importance of needing to grow and with that, I began attending what we call Authentic groups.

    These are groups where we are taught many things about Father God, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and how together they are an intrinsic part of our everyday lives. We have a pastor who cares very much for the people; a man who is very obedient to God. I know that there are not many things he doesn’t do without first consulting God which is something I find reassuring for my faith. I have found a pastor and a church that I trust with my heart and my life.

    Through attending the Dream Centre, I have seen God in a completely different light which has, without doubt, helped to transform my life whereby I can honestly say that I have a personal, intimate relationship in a way that I never once thought existed.

    Dream Centre Partner

    Dream Centre Partner
  • "We have been part of the Dream Centre Family for over seven years now, during which we have seen God work in our lives first hand. We had searched for a place of worship in Manchester to meet our spiritual needs and tried many different churches. Upon arrival at the Dream Centre, our first impression made us want to come back again as we found the warmth and friendliness of its people quite genuine and we have not looked back since.

    We have grown to love and to identify with the Dream Centre and in the process, we have seen God preside over many wonderful things in our lives. We have grown into a family of four over with God blessing us with two beautiful girls who serve as a constant reminder of God's miraculous power over us. We have and continue to be spiritually nourished and equipped through the teaching of God's word to face all the challenges that come our way.

    We are constantly being challenged and stretched into spiritual maturity. God's transforming power is also quite evident in the lives of our kids as they seem to grasp the godly principles being taught through the Kid's church ministry. We are glad and we count it as a privilege to be part of God's work here at the Dream Centre."

    Mzi &Thembi
    Dream Centre Partners

    Mzi &Thembi
    Mzi &Thembi
    Dream Centre Partners