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At The Dream Centre, we believe that this is a reality and not a pipe dream. The Dream Centre has been based in Kings Street, Droylsden since 1954 and has undergone many different identities. Bethel Pentecostal Church, Bethel Tabernacle, Bethel Christian Centre. You may know us for our fun days, Christmas productions and giveaways.

We are now lifting the lid on Droylsden’s best-kept secret. We just call it Stronger! Our community is a reflection of those who live in it. Our aim is to provide free training, to enhance the lives of individuals and families in a practical and humorous way. Below are just some of the free courses on offer.





With the ever-changing face of what is a family, The Dream Centre offers down to earth advice on making the family unit stronger.

How to communicate better, Conflict resolution, How to have and set realist goals, Living with the enemy – Teenagers…



The home should be your greatest place of safety and refuge, the reality is that for many they are war zones. Tantrums, hormones, the pressures of finance, jobs and futures are never far away. We believe that every home should and can have order and harmony.

The power of a table, I heard what you said and not the way you said it, Time management. Are just a few of the areas we discuss with humour and practical advice that anyone can implement.



Are not just a piece of paper. “Been married for 20 years you get less for murder”! Marriage is something we have all seen the best and worse of. So many people come into a relationship with history and baggage. Families made of my kids, your kids, our kids, there must be a way of not repeating past mistakes?

Better together, We are family, Relight the fire are just a few of the topics we cover.


Getting back into work – Worksmart

For some, it’s a fear for others a frustration… work. I would love a job but no one will give me a chance, I have been out of work for so long I have lost my confidence. I have been bringing up the kids but now they are off my hands.

We offer very practical help on writing a CV, Mock interviews, Building confidence, even what to ask whilst in an interview. Through coaching the Worksmart programme gives a roadmap for getting back into employment.

Here is a taster on writing a CV:



Staying safe online

The world of Social Media a lifeline to some and a minefield for others. Someone asked me a question were people nastier in your day or not? My response things haven’t really changed what has is the number of platforms I can be nasty on. In my day you had to send a letter, call a house phone if you had one, call you names in the street or spread lies about you amongst your friends. Now I can post, tweet, like and block, I can reduce, bully and expose not only to you but to the hundreds of faceless friends. The pressure to conform and fit in, to reflect the social stereotype and be like everybody else has never been greater. As parents we can feel embarrassed about not understanding their world, am I spying or intruding? It is very easy to feel like the whole thing is getting away from you so better for everyone if we just stick our heads in the sand and hope it goes away. If our kids don’t tell us there are any issues then there won’t be any…

With this in mind, we look at subjects like Online bullying, What is grooming? Practical tips on staying safe just by making simple profile changes.

Here is a taster parent guide:


Basic budgeting

More month left than money. “Money talks and all it says be me is goodbye” With easy access to store credit and payday loans have it today and pay tomorrow. It’s not hard to see how quickly you can get into trouble, through no-nonsense help, we deal with that horrible term budget. Budgets and diets are 2 things everybody things they need but to few make it a reality. Having a budget doesn’t mean living like a pauper but knowing how to balance what comes into what goes out.

We will show you, How to deal with debt, Getting out of the hole, How to make the most of what you have.

Here is a taster on putting your finances in order:


How to communicate better

We all know how frustrating it is when you can’t get your point across, you just don’t get me! Frustration leads all too often to the louder I shout the more you will understand. We provide a communication course that is for everybody.

From Basic confidence building, Speaking to strangers, How to speak to groups of people. These practical lessons can be implemented in any environment, from interviews, the workplace and better still the home


The courses listed run at different time through the year, they are offered as free taster nights and should you desire to take it deeper. Each course will be offered free of charge and range from 2 – 6 weeks in length.

If you would like to be kept informed of any of the courses being run. Simply fill in the contact form and tell us which course you are interested in. We promise that we will not use your contact details for anything else and you can be removed at anytime. To be removed from our mailing list email and put remove me in the subject line.

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