Why Blue-Sky Thinking?

“You’ve got to think about the big things while you’re doing the small things so that the small things go in the right direction.”
Alvin Toffler


When it comes to multi-tasking, it has often been said that women do it much better than men. Organising the kids and cooking for the family along with the million other things that go with trying to keep a home and a family together, are tasks that, some women claim, men don’t tend to handle as well as women do. Some men may put up a strong defence to this claim but what I do know through being a husband and a father for 37 years and having raised three children of my own, there is, without doubt, a lot of merit to this claim. It would seem that women have a very different but unique way of approaching multi-tasking than most men do. The difference being, unlike most men, women don’t need a medal ceremony or a Nobel Prize given to them for ensuring the kids are dressed, fed and have all they need for school each and every day. Women carry a tremendous ability to know how to think and manage the big things whilst doing much smaller things so that everything they do goes in the same direction. Any man being charged with getting the kids up washed and fed and being responsible for ensuring they are fully armed and equipped ready for school knows only too well the issues with trying to think and juggle the big things with the small things and then trying to get them all to go in the same direction.

The principle behind Alvin Toffler’s comment is that thinking and acting have to be combined, coordinated and managed if life and vision are to ultimately be enjoyed and achieved. So much of people’s thinking and their actions are miles apart from each other and here lies a real problem, one that requires a solution needing to be discovered. We as human beings must learn how we can multi-task these two challenges of thought and action together, so they then go in the same direction to bring the desired results. Every one of us carries an emphasis in our own lives and from such emphasis, we then develop what we see as ‘the big and important things’, things we justify for taking our time, money and resources. Once again, Toffler’s words are profound on so many levels in that we must learn to manage both our thoughts and actions not only wisely, but equally we must think on a different level. With this very challenge in mind, I would like to introduce to you to the principle of blue-sky thinking. It is principled-based thinking that helps to empower people to think about the big and small things so that thought and action, not only take place but that it all goes in the same direction to help bring about joy, peace fulfilment and success.

Once again, blue sky thinking is a principled-based journey that in no way offers overnight success. It carries principles, insights and practices that will help you to understand your own mind, its thinking and intelligence. Some of the dynamic features incorporated into blue sky thinking involve showing you how to use the power of what I term as being ‘the internal editing suite’ followed by the requirement to build a healthy framework of thought and process, one that works and serves its user well. As if that wasn’t enough, I will show you two powerful forces, or should I say ‘two ugly sisters’ as it were, that bring destruction and chaos to our lives, minds and emotions – two very real forces that many potentially carry within them.

Last, but in no way least, I will teach you the dynamics of becoming a stable pilot, one that knows how to control one’s own mind and thinking with unlimited ability to soar high beyond the clouds to the blue skies of life. These are just some of the dynamic features that are principles included in blue-sky thinking. The last thing we want is for people to live life with their heads stuck in the clouds, but we need people who can think and imagine powerful things and know how to bring that onto the ground. If blue sky thinking is ever to be effective, then it must be able to work and impact the everyday life of the user – something I am most eager to see developed in you. With this being said, I want to introduce you once again to the dynamic features that lie behind blue-sky thinking, trusting that as you take a hold of these principles, your life, its thinking and its ability to process soar to new blue sky heights.

Anthony Higginson