School of the Prophets

School of the

Prophets Europe


Touching God is our passion – hearing God is our obligation

19th – 22nd September 2018

Venue: The Dream Centre, Manchester England

Wednesday 19th September
7.30pm – 9.30pm

Thursday 20th September
9am – 4pm and 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Friday 21st September
9am – 4pm and 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Saturday 22nd September
9am – 4pm


Delegates are free to leave after the final session on Saturday or to join us for our Sunday morning celebration.

The school of the Prophets is an integral time in the life of a believer as it is a time to connect and align with God’s now word for his church. The conference is a European flavour as it draws a wide range of participants from nations such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Romania. For three days, the nations gather in order to hear what God is saying to his church. The worship centres on the magnificence of God and his Son Jesus Christ and through a rich, saturated atmosphere the people of God open wide their hearts as touching God is our passion. A core thrust of SOP is to hear the mind and heart of God for his church in this present hour as this is increasingly becoming our joyful obligation.

All the speakers are from Europe as they are pastors of what is termed the Isaac network of churches. These are men who carry apostolic/prophetic grace-gifting as well as men who have pastored and grown their own churches for a number of years. Below are some comments that previous European participants have expressed during their time in SOP 2017.


“The sessions were very helpful. It was as if my eyes were being opened afresh. Sometimes God’s word can be ministered to us and it brings a wow factor in that something just clicks and you are immediately brought into a new understanding. This is what happened to me during the School of the Prophets, 2017.
The United Kingdom


I have come away with a deeper intimate walk with God. My worship is more and more being done through the spirit of truth as I realise there are higher levels in God that he wants us all to reach. I want to go deeper with Jesus.”


“Personally I was very much uplifted, inspired and blessed by the messages during the whole conference. For me it was like refuelling albeit at a very different level.”
The United Kingdom


“The best School of the Prophets to date. It was very inspiring, challenging and informative. There was a great blend of differing yet complimentary speakers who all flowed together as one river.”


I personally felt that this year’s SOP was much more powerful than previous years. The presence of the Holy Spirit was evident from the first night and I felt the messages delivered by the pastors just flowed. I thought the subject matter was very inspirational and was really helpful to me personally. I have been struggling with many questions over the last few months and I felt the Holy Spirit has put me back on the right path. I couldn’t wait to hear the next session. I’ve come away feeling excited and looking forward to the future again.
The United Kingdom


We are so thankful that you are willing to pay all the efforts to run this special race through the running of the school of the prophets in Manchester. We are so thankful that you receive us and make us a part of your riches…. And we want to be worthy of this investment; to grow it and to adhere to it so we can continue in it. Therefore, it is such a wonderful thing, that we are able to receive the mp3 files from the whole conference including the worship. The grace that is working in Manchester, (The Dream Centre Church), and in your service is different from the grace we experience in CK, Herning. It is so wonderful that we can come and get the full flow of what God has ready for us now.


I experienced a very inspiring, wonderful time with lovely hospitable people. My heart was really spiritually touched in so many different areas that now my life looks like a new building site. I received precious and inspiring input that will for sure help support me as I continue running my race with God. I guess if I was to summarise the conference, I would describe it in the following way. In these three and a half days, I received a big present which contains a lot of small ones. Now, as I unpack one after another, I am discovering what the future with God holds for my life and I am left feeling very enthusiastic! Being enthusiastic is not enough – I must follow and practice what I have received and know to be the truth.



The fees for the school will be £95 as this will cover lunch Thursday, Friday and Saturday, as well as a provide you with a full set of MP3’s of the ministry.Last year’s SOP was an exceptional time with people coming from the UK, Denmark, Romania, Switzerland and Germany. Those who attended were richly impacted which is something we are very eager to repeat this year. We would ask that you please make every effort to attend SOP Manchester so as to ensure your flights, hotels or guesthouse is booked early. There will be a minibus that will collect you from your hotel each morning for the conference as well as return you back to your hotel but only to those hotels that we recommend. Manchester is a large city and because of this, we encourage those using hotels to book nearby the church as this way it saves time and fuel.Cost is £95 (Sterling only). £65 for students and OAPs. Includes conference fee, mp3s, and lunch. Does not include an evening meal.


Conference Booking Form – please note: do not book flights, hotels etc without first receiving a booking confirmation from us. The Dream Centre will not be held responsible for personal liabilities.


What you can expect

Strong prophetic ministry
Accurate biblical patterns and blueprints
Personal empowerment
Fresh perspective to what God is saying today
Practical solutions
A transformed life
An introduction to breakthrough worship

To book your place, click here to access the booking form and pay for your place online.
If you wish to book a place and pay later, please email