Authentic Discipleship Training

A Year Can

Last A Lifetime

He made my mouth like a sharpened sword, in the shadow of his hand he hid me; he made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in his quiver.  He said to me, “You are my servant, Israel, in whom I will display my splendour
Isaiah 49:2-3

The challenge

As a believer you’ve probably read many books listened to countless preachers speak and from time to time you may have even attended various conferences only to feel that you still struggle to know Gods will for your life. You attend church doing your best and yet somehow you strive to define what the will of God actually looks like for your life. It’s so easy to feel frustration, unfulfilment and a despondency with God and with the church.


Authentic Discipleship Training – Now enrolling for 2022

Authentic Discipleship Training (ADT) seeks to help you. Find, Follow and Finish the will of God for your life, join us on life’s adventure of knowing what God has planned for our lives with joy, excitement, and expectancy. Through our one-year discipleship training programme, ADT will help train and develop you building Christ his nature and his kingdom mandate into your life. When the year is complete you will be ‘a prepared select arrow. Select arrows are those who have been shaped, formed and fashioned by God his word and by his ways.


Why do I need a year of discipleship?

Preparation meets opportunity! There is both a time and a season for life-defining choices and a year of discipleship training is certainly one of those.

With this in mind its true to state that so many believers’s have never thought about or had the opportunity to be truly discipled It is so easy to just get on the treadmill of being born again, attending church, listening to Sunday sermons picking and choosing what they like and as a result many live unfulfilled none purposeful Christian lives.

Authentic Discipleship Training (ADT) provides the opportunity for you to allow experienced teachers and trainers to draw alongside you in order to help shape the nature, likeness, and image of Jesus Christ into your life. Through experienced hands-on help, you will learn to discover what needs working out in your life as well as understand what God needs to work into your life, both are critical for healthy growth. The more God can work inside a person’s life the more of his conscience comes alive within them. The more the believer works out what God is working in the greater the confidence the individual develops.


What will you receive?

Below are just a sample of what you will be taught whilst attending Authentic Discipleship Training (ADT) – a full curriculum will be made available with your application

  • A renewed awakened God conscience
  • Renewed Individual confidence
  • Training in spiritual-practical competence
  • A clear understanding of what it is that God is trying to work into your life
  • The principles and practice of what you need to work out in your life
  • The mechanics and dynamics of how to know it is God who is speaking to you (Hearing the voice of God accurately)
  • The confidence to speak out courageously what God is creatively speaking on the inside of you
  • The twelve dynamics of effective communication
  • Understanding the purpose, principles, and protocol of finding, following and finishing the destiny of God for our lives.
  • Understanding the nature, conflict, and mandate of bringing forth the kingdom
  • Community engagement
  • The power and purpose of Pentecost


What are the requirements?

The requirements are, you must first submit your intent and desire before heaven as discipleship is first and foremost a response to a heavenly calling. Secondly; you must speak to your pastor-leaders telling them of your intentions so you have their blessing.

Full requirements are outlined in the Application Form


What must you do now?

Use the form below or download an application form to register your interest to enroll for your place for 2022. After you have submitted your application we will contact you to arrange an interview via FaceTime or Skype.


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